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Sign Solutions

is a Houston based company making quality products since 1985.

We make custom Record Boards, Roster Boards, Goals Boards, or any Motivational Sign that you may have in mind. We even do banners, locker tags, yard signs, and decals.

We take your vision and turn it into a masterpiece! Our products are in gyms all over the nation.

Nothing is better than a one-on-one conversation. Please call us to discuss what we can do for your school and your athletic program.

Call us Toll-Free: 800-583-0358

Or, send us an e-mail:

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We have developed a new indestructible material that we have nicknamed "Tuff Board". It consists of a plastic core that is sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum. It is what we now use to make all of our full color, high-def boards. Unlike other companies that use cheap PVC plastic to make their boards, our products do not bend, puncture, crease, or break.

We also use our patented “Quik-Strip” system on all of our boards which makes changing and replacing broken records and names a breeze. Other companies’ boards require you to peel individual letters and numbers off of the board when a record is broken. It leaves a mess behind that you have to clean, and you still have to apply the new peel-n-stick record(s) straight. "Quik-Strip" lets you simply slide out the old record/name strip, and slide in the new one. No peeling and sticking, no mess to clean. And everything always lines up the way it was meant to.

Our "Alum-A-Ban" program offers a quick and streamlined process to receiving replacements or ordering new Aluminium Banners. We save your custom design, colors, logo, and graphics, so ordering replacements are a breeze! When your team wins a championship, simply call or email us with your info. We will access your file and manufacture a brand new Alum-A-Ban. Anything and everything we manufacture can be shipped directly to any school, anywhere in the U.S.A. and internationally.

Call us to today. Toll-Free: 800-583-0358

Or, send us an e-mail:


Free Graphic Design

That's right, we will create unique hi-def graphics, color scheme, and board display absolutely free! If you already have something in mind, we will work with you to incorporate your mascots, colors, fonts, etc to manufacture the board to your specifications.


Patented Technology

Our "Tuff Board" ensures you receive the sturdiest board of the highest quality that will not bend, crease, or break like other PVC plastic boards. Our exclusive "Quik-Strip" system makes updating your record and roster boards so easy, it can be done during your off-period at school! No attaching, lining-up, peeling, washing or wiping. Simply slide out the old record strip or roster name, and slide in the new one.


Customization and Consistency

Every record board we make is customized with you and your school in mind. No two boards are ever alike. High-Def graphics, multiple colors, shadows, outlines, 3D effects, and photos will all be designed to produce a unique product for your school. All your information is stored in an up-to-date file for easy additions and updates, so all your boards and banners will always match.


Fast, Reliable Service

We receive and respond to e-mails daily, even hourly, and are always just a phone call away. Once your info is saved in our system, replacing or ordering a board is a breeze. Call or email us, and your new board will be shipped in no time.